• The perfect sphere of my single teardrop
    Falls onto the windowsill, soon joined by another
    Patiently and silently, they wait
    Waiting for the monsoon of crimson waters

    ~and so begins my spiral down
    drown in the tears, never to be found
    shackle myself to a chain of light
    and give up even trying to fight
    Why do I bother telling you?
    You'll still want to kill me too
    So in clear view of the lighthouse
    I will submit to the undertow
    (I understand it all so clearly now)~

    drippingvioletfluidsfullofutterimpersonation makingweaponsoutofmyimperfections formerdreamspointingtoanotherday eventhoughtheycanclearlyseethatmyfearisnaked

    Down in the darkness, I am not alone
    so many like me lose themselves to people they had known
    but it's impossible to have seen them
    or heard them since you ripped away those privileges of mine




    I understand it all so clearly now...