• Reaching out with these two hands, the world feels so cold.
    Standing up on these two feet, wondering what is my role.
    Do this, do that, am i only good for doing what i'm told?
    No! I won't be that person, i want to be whole!
    This deck of cards i call life, will a play, or will i fold?
    A breeze, a cold chill, i give off a sneeze and my lungs start to wheeze.
    I am running. . .Running to the one who believes the sun will still shine on me.
    I hold out my hand as my legs begin to give out, and on my face i land.
    Someone is holding my hand, i look up from the ground but the sun is to bright.
    I want to see the face that smiles to me, but i can't find my sight.
    I hear your voice asking do i have any regrets, did i make the right choice?
    . . .I believe i did, no, i know i did! . .Though looking back on it, i sound like a kid

    The grass waves to me from under my feet,the leaves dance to the winds beat
    I enjoy these days with my only one, i hope these momments are never done.
    The times spent awake gazing at the moon, and raising the butterflies from the tiny cocoons.
    These days i spend, i spend them wisely, i want to spend these days with you, the one i gave my heart to mend, the on who i call more than a freind.

    Please don't forget, those times that were as sweet as a candy apple on a summers day, those times we used to run and play.