• i met her at a party
    it was sweet 16
    it was long ago but that day still had meaning to me
    a type girl that i thought was out of my reach
    don't X this out right away cause their is a reason i preach
    Other people were more focused to get in it
    not her, cause it didn't matter how your game was
    she wasn't with it
    didn't matter what crew you from she wasn't was it
    people would lie and talk s**t and never admit it
    she spoke beautifully and they listened to it
    but when they tried to be like her they just sounded sloppy
    she had a aura respectful and pure
    im sick in the head for her and there wasn't a cure
    her eyes were brown and beautiful
    but something seemed sad
    i started to talk to her sometimes
    and that made her glad
    cause i was not another guy just trying to hit it
    i enjoyed the time we had even if it was a minute
    i didn't have excuses the minutes turned to hours
    the summer, us watching clouds turn into flowers
    we spend more time with eachother
    but it was never enough
    i never sneaked a touch or even cop a feel
    i was just so interested in her
    so i stayed real
    perfectly honest and complete
    forever changes the thoughts
    even when i speak
    it was because of her the anger just seemed to leak
    she convinced me to stop running away
    from the demons of my past
    and ones that still stay.
    no lies but the truth
    that summer it was either her or my friends
    until one day i had the courage to tie all the ends
    and we were happy together
    facing all obstacles with ease
    i couldn't live without her
    i would say that on my knees
    until that night
    i felt like a moth that got to close to the light
    but i didn't burn i turned cold after that night
    i went on with on with my life
    a freshmen in college was great
    but felt thrown in like an animal that had taken the bait
    the corrupt system talked to me like they were the overseer
    but i just went to class
    to hopefully make it to my dream career
    at night by myself
    i close my eyes and i would see her
    i held her close in my dreams
    but when i woke she disappeared
    just a dark room with shadow and echos of what used to be
    then the sun came up and drove that away in me
    but the fact of the matter is i still felt cold
    just like before i met her
    the demons have taken there hold
    while my friends would say "whats wrong your out of your zone"
    theirs plenty of different women
    but i still felt alone
    cause none of them have the just and right spirt
    the sound of her voice hell even the smell of her hair
    she was gone i knew but it was still there
    i had to do something cause this s**t was to much to bear
    we said hi sometimes
    playing it off as friends but we both knew
    we needed eachother to be there
    changed as time went on
    holding everything behind
    weeks later i healed but i needed to let things out
    if you look thats what the other notes are about
    to teach youth of what emotion is
    and hear of their truths
    i promised i wouldn't say this but i gotta let it out
    no body loves you more than me you what im talking about
    but you wont read this note because its 2 in the morning
    its to late now for this
    this is my true word
    when i was with you a part of me went into heaven
    thank god at least i knew what love really was
    but it hurts me to see what true love really does
    cause even thou we never did anything i was still happy
    its because i loved you so much i had to let you go
    you made me doubt alot of things
    you made me wanna believe
    it was so hard not say anything but im a good man
    strong and peaceful, and one thats willing to stand
    even if we not together i will be there for you
    but there is no one else like you i truly mean that
    the tears would flow out but you would never see me cry
    the overall lesson i teach
    with just this single story
    don't just fall in love just for the entertainment
    hold them close. the people you love
    not the ones that simply just play with you
    you better appreciate them to the fullest and beyond
    because you never really know what you got until its gone