• You lay your head against your cloud
    As you wait for the Sand Man
    To sprinkle that gold dust in your eyes
    Set your dreams to greater heights
    Entertainment for the night
    Welcome to the circus

    Do you see it there?
    Just above your ahead
    Gummy bears on bright red balls
    Monkeys soar and flip beyond the sky
    The stars play a song that echoes in the halls
    Returning back to your earnest ears

    And you can’t believe it
    The high wire act just on your ceiling
    Maybe your head is fogging
    With the vapors of the dark’s perfume
    Making eye lids meet
    For a bedtime treat

    A mobile spins in no direction above
    With little woodland creatures prancing
    Just a collage of multi hued stones
    Lying in the waters flowing down to touch your bones
    You are far from above
    Company of the circus


    Containing a beautiful pinwheel of thought
    Inventing your own imagination before
    The drossiness of the day hits full force

    Still every cloud has its silver lining
    Take some other time to do your whining
    Right now the show lights are racing through your skin
    This is your time to shine
    This wild circus is mine