• Goth or Emo
    the depressing fait by me
    The world is dim with low life people and night filled with blood and gore. Life is a tarafying event with nobody to listen to. The depressing fait is strong when it follows me it burns my soul with every waking second of life that hits the floor and poors into the word like black sunshine. Fall to die and stand to live follow ur fait then kill it. Now how does it feel to die alone in the dark. Tell me does the depressing sea of blood haunt u or does it just want to kill. Does life matter or will it just burn in the hands of hell. Sometime u should wonder y does this matter blame the the sea.

    Read to Die
    A poem as u will
    Fallen parts die in wait of the fear that comes and dies in shame red hot dead walk on earth waiting for pain. Dead people waiting for a chance to go bleed. Die in pain I got a knew best freind and he comes from my heart and he comes and comes with awake dead of fear. Father help my sake father help my sake to die in ur arms my bloody tears won't fall no more y don't I think of death today before I die.. Maybe I already died in my dream I thought I could carry a lot from sin. Maybe my misfortune died in my arms don't cry no more till I see the dark I'm as scared as can be in my shame wanted people of death r on the wall dead as a rat dreaded people must die first in my shame will now I'm in line waiting to die. Step after step I wait in the hand of death each waking moment scares the s**t out of me will its my turn to fast my fear. Fear tells me I have a choice to make good bye people or good by my love to hate. I don't like the people here for s**t so let them bleed. So then death tells me so then death tells me and the my love tells me good bye