• Say goodnight falling angel, no one can hear your pleas.
    Say goodnight falling angel as you cry yourself to sleep.

    Rock-a-bye angel, so lost and alone
    Go to sleep falling angel, you can never go back home.
    Sweet dreams, falling angel, but why can't you see
    that no one's coming to help you?
    Stop trying to breathe.

    Rock-a-bye angel, so frightened and scared
    your dreams are now hopeless; your soul is all teared.
    Try to rest falling angel, its best when you sleep
    you can't see your monsters, no one hears you weep.

    Hush-a-bye angel, wandering the dark
    you can't see the light. Darkness clouds your mind
    and then your heart.
    Hush now, falling angel, you thought they'd lend a hand.
    So up off the ground you tried so hard to stand.
    Why couldn't you learn, they'd just watch you crash and burn?

    Rock-a-bye, falling angel, all saddened and cold
    Alone in the world, you're no longer bold.
    Falling from Heaven with all of your sin
    you’re crying and praying they let you back in.

    Rock-a-bye falling angel, wipe away your acid tears.
    Sing the sweet, familiar lullaby that got you through all those years.

    Goodnight fallen angel.
    No one hears your pleas.
    Goodnight fallen angel.
    Cry yourself to sleep.