• In the darkness of dreams I was always searching
    What I was looking for was never obvious
    It was never what I would have expected.
    Chilling my body and numbing my heart
    I never thought I was staring at a reflection
    A reflection, was it the future?
    Could all this be a dream or a nightmare?
    A sign?
    A figure of my past haunting my future
    A tender touch in disguise from it
    Always kind, yet leading me somewhere
    Never able to escape, I followed not knowing what was to happen
    Looking into a mask not seeing it’s true form
    Who are you?
    What can you be?
    Questions flowing through me like the mysterious familiar vibes I felt from you
    Always telling me you wanted me
    That you loved me
    Who are you?
    What were you?
    Do I know who you are now?
    Looking back to the reoccurring dream of the man behind the mask
    I find the truth
    Everything makes sense
    It was always you
    You lead me here
    It was fate that I’m with you
    The love that is true
    Coveting me
    You are the man behind the mask
    The mask revealed to me your eyes.
    You were the one who was there
    The one that cared for me
    It was always you