• She wasn't strong enough to keep herself from wondering, from checking to see if maybe he was looking at her too.
    She missed the short glances several times already. Always a little too late, but this time she caught him red handed, and so did he.

    He sent her an inviting smile. He dazzled her that way, and she wasn't strong enough to resist it. His lustrous, hazel eyes burned through her, venturing through every corridor and hidden room to the place which held her soul. The flames in his eyes devoured her and she was under. In an intoxicated trance with no escape.

    The sky was mysterious and lit brilliantly by millions of glittering crystals. In a world of their own under the stars, forgetting everything that ever was, and not worrying about what ever will be. Alone, just getting lost in each other. There was no sound, no disturbance, only the soft breeze flowing through the leaves, and his warm whisper in her ear.

    The fire in his eyes was tamed to warm embers that warmed her when he looked at her body pressed against his. He brushed her light brown hair away from her face, revealing it completely to him. All he could do was look and feel the untouchable. Her eyes gleamed and she smiled sweetly at his beautiful, curious face.

    What it was she truly felt, was something inexplicable, a true mystery. She was lost in a maze that seemed to never end. She could never really run away from the wanting, or needing. He was soul bounded, even if he was only meant to be a friend. All she wanted was to stay trapped in the maze and never escape.[