• With open eyes,
    with open mind,
    look around,
    at what you find.

    A burning sensation.
    a flood relation,
    a storm creation,
    all devistation.

    Polluted air,
    to raise the hair,
    rivers of dirt,
    tears of hurt.

    we are the burners,
    we are the polluters,
    we are the creators,
    we are the killers.

    Yet we are the crying,
    yet we are the dying,
    yet we are the lying,
    broken on the floor.

    So why are we killing,
    outselves and most,
    why are we burning,
    burning the tears of lost?

    This is the death,
    the very end,
    the irony is sweet,
    sweet as death.

    For we're the killers,
    of ourselves,
    for we're the dying,
    sweet as death.