• Upseting my parents
    Was it right to do?
    Having great sex
    And getting pregnate with 2?

    Breaking their soul
    And also mine
    Crying and sobbing
    Wishing I could die.

    Why did I do it?
    I don't know.
    Wondering what am i to people
    A friend or foe?

    I set greed upon
    This family and me
    I dont think
    I can handle just one baby

    Seeing the expression
    on their faces
    Really has me
    Worring and pacing

    Saying to ******** this s**t,
    Im going to hell"
    Squeezing my neck tightly
    Until i got pale.

    I stopped
    and started to write a letter
    Saying,"If i was dead
    Life would be better."

    I finished writting
    And i put it on the bed
    Then I choked myself to death,
    Now was was dead.

    As i sit in hell
    Seeing my family cry
    I was happy though
    That i decided to die.

    I see them looking at my body
    With a plump stomach sitting up high
    I could hear my boyfriend whisper,
    "I'm happy she did die."

    He left the room
    with a goodbye
    And two weeks later
    For some reason he had died.