• Girl: Why does this happen?
    Women: Because dear child, life is a b***h and then you die.
    Girl: Why do I feel so tired?
    Women: Because dear child, tears and blood shed take a lot out of a girl.
    Girl: Why do I hate myself?
    Women: Because dear child, you feel worthless in his eyes
    Girl: Why does this hurt so much?
    Women: Because dear child, your love is with another.
    You avoided me until I came up to you. You barely looked me in the eye. How could I have known that the pain would be this great? Why was I such a fool, for taking your bait?I feel nothing, my senses grow numb. This emptiness cuts me deeper then my bones. The memories on my arm are the only evidence I'm still living.I'm fully alive loving you. Fully suffereing knowing she has you. Fully dead, if not for you that causes me to live.I walk through hallways fading in and out. Like a high filled with depression. Oh, I hope I wake up. My arm throbs and pulses- the only form of life that I can feel.How could you tell me you cared when you werent even there? I should hate you! I've got the right to!.......but I cant.....Ice flows, slowly, agonizingly, as it takes me once more. All I can think is how horrid I am. Am I really just that awful that you'd refuse me to be another's?The blood from my arm covered my hand. And for that split second I couldnt feel. Those few short hours you spent kissing me in my room makes me cry. Because for that time I was yours and now I cant ever have that back.Now come to find out, your with another. A girl you've never talked about. Apparently she means more to you then I do. So GO, have fun, be happii.Was this all a game to you? Am I just a toy? A pawn so easily thrown away. Is this your hybrid form of a joke? Was is a joke when you kissed me in my room and replied "I love you too"?Why am I still crying? Your happii. I said I'd be happi as long as you were happii- with or without me....why did you have to pick without?I hear certain songs and I shed one more tear. I see you holding me on my bed and I long for an escape. I remember lying in your arms filled with a warmth that now is drained, and long for death to take me.I dont regret meeting you, or kissing you, or hugging you, or telling you of my perpetual love for you. My only regret is living.Because it seems that now that you have the girl you wanted, you dont need me any longer. A simple bishop sacraficed for the sake of the game.Was she there, when your world continued spiraling downward? Did she tell you it would be okay when you started going through slopes? Was she there for you through everything that has happened sense meeting you?Well I sure as hell was. I was there for you, through every stressful, heart tearing, tear jerking thing. And this is how I get repaid? A valiant knight that faught for your happiness now yesterdays news?Through thick and think, through tears and joyfilled smiles...I was there. Holding up what seemed to be the world. Keeping all of my suffereing and sorrow inside. For you...But you never saw that girl who loved everything about you. Who would stay by your side no matter what. Who would throw away 5 years of her life just to be with you. A strong rook thrown out like garbage and trash.But whats left on the board? The king and his darling queen. But what happens when the queen get captured? What is going to happen in 5 years? Will she wait for you? Well that same pawn that you played, that same bishop who was second best, that knight that faught to see your smile everyday, that rook who held herself together even though she was a walking reck....that same girl who kissed you and told her she loved you. That same girl who you kissed in her room and replied "I love you too", shes going to be there.Maybe when its me who waits for you, maybe it will take that sorrowful good-bye to make you see I'm a lot more then what meets the eye...