• Try to add perfumes to your minds to meet me there,
    The summer is here and it is with the blues;
    You are not alone on this hot summer night.
    We havethe natural fragrant to keep us going,
    The summer time blues to swing with the muse;
    You are not alone without the blues.
    Scents for your love,
    Mid-Summer-Night blues to your taste;
    Enjoy the summer with the safety of numbers.
    Summer time blues,
    The fragrant of love to keep you going;
    Summer, summer, summer time! !
    Summer time blues,
    The summer of a muse;
    Summer time blues,
    The summer of a poem;
    With relationships
    that moves you up.
    Summer time blues,
    With the heat waves to crown the day;
    Perfume your body to meet up to the act.

    Let us visit Copacabana and Ipanema this summer,
    Of the rocky promontory at sight to give you hope;
    Like the summer time blues with your lover.
    It is summer time,
    Visit the beaches to see things for yourselves;
    Summer, summer, summer time! !
    Meet me there and touch me with your heart.
    A summer time love with the blues,
    Like the golden grape of my soul;
    Summer is the essence of a colourful life.
    The sense of reality in times like this,
    The heat with love to share with others;
    Where the hearts of lovers do meet like,
    One's love never touched before.
    Summer time blues is all about this muse,
    A time of love to share with your lover;
    Summer, summer, summer time! !