• the bear earth cool and damp i, the arch angel, hidden within the night
    the air sweet and moist the purest soul still preparing for the fight
    fire and fire dont make ice
    to wrongs never make it right
    that is why i , the arch angel, am correct
    not a coward but a murderer of the corrupt
    yet i am deject
    im the daughter of night
    despised when thanks' is necessary
    what? an angel can do no wrong
    i will make it to heaven again
    as soon as the angel defeats me
    though i am strong
    she next casted to take my place
    then she will be one of my race
    and i will take her space
    my mind triumphs over her revenge
    she is a tool for me to bend
    manipulation is key when you play a game
    i just want things to be the same
    as back then
    when i was good and not considered evil my friend