• 7 Persons without a name,
    7 Sins of crying shame.
    Tattoo of snake biting his tail,
    Empty eyes of alchemy's slave.

    Black Widow,
    Pretty in her body's web,
    Piercing people's hearts,
    Saying goodbye to temptations of living beings...

    Poor adult child,
    With stomach without a bottom,
    Swallowing flesh, liquids, bones...
    Swallowing dreams of people living on their own...

    So many bodies in you,
    Yet you're only one...
    So many emotions in you,
    Yet you're always sad.
    Mother and father tried to help you,
    They sent you to your grave...
    Now only hatred,
    Cold and warm too, fills your heart,
    My child... Fills your crying soul...

    Poor creature,
    Forgotten by a God,
    Banished towards death,
    By the love of her own sons...
    With liquid made hands,
    She could beg for life.
    Death was her destiny's choice,
    To born as human, die as a monster...

    Powerfull shield,
    Carefree acting,
    Turning back to his own father.
    Surounded by Chimeras,
    What a strange family,
    He lives in his little kingdom,
    King without a throne...

    Mother wanted him to live like a normal child...
    But sickness cutted the umbilical cord of life...
    With one hand of Full Metal Alchemist,
    He was only one in his kind,
    To break the God's laws...
    Only with is mother's love on his side,
    This child comes toward his pride...

    Edward was once your name,
    But the power from within him,
    Gave you birth from depths of sadness...
    Your eyes are so empty,
    Bloody tears leave trails on your face...
    Yet weak, powerless,
    Not accepted by world...
    And only bloodlust is your only taste,
    Carying Sickle, like Death herself,
    Former Elric throws souls to Hell...