• The word love
    Is not in my mind
    I don't know what it means
    Or what it feels like
    I don't know how it smells
    I know nothing of the taste
    It's not a real thing
    Because it has no true place

    "I'm not bleeding Uncle
    But it hurts right here"
    I grab my chest
    Without shedding a tear
    "Does Mommy love me?
    Why doesn't Daddy understand?
    Will I ever find anyone
    To hold my shaking hand?"
    He shook his head no
    And held his last breathe
    "Please Uncle don't leave me!
    I promise to be the best!
    The best little boy
    In the whole wide world
    Better than any other
    Little boy or girl"
    He cursed me
    Letting go of his breathe
    "please... die" He sighed
    lighting explosives on his chest
    I want to die
    But I just can't
    "Mommy please don't protect me!!"
    I scream and I rant

    Look at me now Mother
    I'm such a good boy
    Playing with others
    As if they are toys
    Look at me now
    Drink up your blood
    I'm being the best little boy
    Just like I said I would
    I promised uncle Mother
    And without a doubt...
    What's this... "BLOOD! MY BLOOD!!"
    I scream and shout

    The blond boy I'm fighting
    Looks at me
    He looks deeper
    He sees my misery
    He sees it
    Comprehends it
    He understands
    I've found a friend
    to hold my shaking hand
    I'm sorry Mother
    I've let you down
    He's stronger than I
    But please don't frown
    Do not frown
    Upon your son
    Because I'm a good boy now
    The love has won
    I know what it means now
    The four letter brain bend
    That confused me so much
    Until I found a true friend