• ---- ----
    You Might Not Know:
    That my depression never ended, I just learned to hide it
    Why it bugs me so much when you try to hook me up with someone else
    How much it hurts when you talk about him
    How much I enjoyed it when you attempted to piss off my Mom
    Sometyimes it feels like it's too much
    Sometimes it is too much
    How much I long to stay in your arms
    How much I think of you
    How quickly I'd die for you
    How broken my heart is
    ---- ----
    It Might Not Change Anything:
    If I stopped this guilt from eating at me
    If I didn't show up for school
    If I was invisible
    If I told you how f****d up I am
    If I said how much I love you
    If I showed you how insane I'm going
    ---- ----
    You Might Not Notice:
    How I pretend nothing's wrong when you ask even though everything is
    That I can't think of myself with anyone but you and it saddens me that you can
    That I obey your every whim in hopes for a smile
    That your occasional affection is the highlight of my day
    The real reason I like "Kissed a girl" and why "Lips like morphine" is always stuck in my head
    ---- ----
    What Would You Do:
    If I screamed to the heavens how much I love you,
    How much I care,
    How much I pretend,
    How much I wish you'd chose me,
    Or how much I'd do just to hear you scream it back.
    ---- ----