• Where is the love here?
    I entered the room and all I see is red,
    A splatter here and a splatter there
    Why is there red everywhere?
    I fall to my knees when I see the source
    Heartfelt cry escapes my throat
    Why did you do it my friend so dear?
    Why did you take it, your life my heart so near?
    I glance closer at the image and see the skin sliced to shreds
    Beads of red poor down my head
    A pretty design is carved in deep
    A scar is sure to keep
    Gracefully I fall to my knees as I see the face
    There I see my dearest friend
    There in front of me I see the hollowed empty shell that once was me
    A hand moves to my face in shock and there I see a transparent glow
    Still right through I saw the horrid scene of the death I caused.