• ~Sea Storm~
    waves crashing
    the storm racing on
    people are thrown
    some lay dead
    drowning, I am
    waves after wave
    harder and harder
    can't hold on anymore...
    I call out
    scream my heart out
    everything stops
    i slowly swim up
    some friends help
    i thank them
    and sit
    waiting, perparing
    for the next

    circle, circle
    fall apart
    put me back together
    watch me untangle

    `Weeping Secrets`
    Before i go
    into sleep
    there is a secret
    i must keep
    that shows
    behind the eyes
    that lie
    the soul that
    weeps and weeps
    that secret i can not tell
    for if i do
    there could be a new
    chapter to begin

    *Toxic Tears*
    I feel down
    i don't know why
    do i miss home?
    should i cry?
    Toxic tears
    run down my face
    burning my cheek
    goes through my pillow
    makes a hole
    i fall through
    down, down i go
    hit the ground
    blood comes out
    close my eyes
    to keep them dry
    one last look
    before i'm cooked

    -Dodging the Knife-
    knives are thrown
    i try and dodge
    up and down
    side to side
    to many
    so little movement
    i slip, fall
    a knife pierced
    i bleed so much
    to stuned to move
    i try to stand
    to much for me
    like quick sand
    wait awhile
    try again
    i got it!
    ...now try again