• every tear has it's story
    every vein has it's pain
    every eye has to cry
    every person has a soul
    that's been brought down by a fool
    so cruel not to see the beauty hidden inside
    that's why i say..
    every broken heart has suffered enough
    do you really know the meaning of a broken heart?
    been cheated on twice before
    don't want to go through it anymore
    do you really know how it feels to see the one you love
    kiss someone else right infront of your eyes?
    i've been dying inside
    my heart has been torn apart
    how can anyone go on when their feelings been played with?
    can anyone really understand?
    you give someone your all
    just to know they'll be playing with you heart
    it doesn't make sense
    you give someone your kisses
    just to find out they'll be messing with your whole relationship
    i guess it all depends on who you choose
    no matter who i'll later pick a man
    because every boy out there
    wants you as their toy
    to play stupid games you'll soon want to destroy
    but my feelings are stronger than anything
    not even you can break me
    i'm still alive living my life
    i'll make a wiser choice
    next time i think of any other guy