• I if I could shed a tear
    I bet it would be for you
    For the life I never had
    For the love I never gained

    If I could stop the world
    I’d break down and cry
    Because know one would see me
    And no one would ask why

    I never had the chance
    To feel your love towards me
    Or have your smile mean the same
    You left me with no love
    And no reason why

    I always thought
    If I ever saw you
    I’d say some angry things
    And make you tell me why
    But when I look inside
    I find it was just a lie
    I want you to hug me above all

    I never had a grandma
    Just a filler in its place
    I wish I could tell her
    That her hate hurt me a lot
    Because I wish she was the grandma
    That loved me to space
    Instead of the grandma
    With no space