• The moon
    goddess of the night
    shimmering as i take in
    its soothing light,

    Preparing for the darkest of dawns
    like a warrior, swift as wind
    to fight the devils children
    that spawn.

    Scarlet red
    stains, surrounding my body
    caressing my palms,
    what have I done?

    "I took a life..."
    the thought swirled in my head
    was it for the goodness of grace
    or was it rage.

    The beast i fought,
    a bitter soul
    pale as an imp
    I struck his heart
    and killed him... dead

    My heart
    felt as heavy as armor,
    and that sweet
    sensation and pleasure
    that i felt
    my first kill.

    Was i to be damned to the bottomless pit of hell?
    I'm not human
    I don't have a soul
    or do i?

    I did what was right for my people!
    my kind,
    something so beautiful
    it was in disguise.

    I could feel it,
    that detestable feeling,
    dawn was near.
    Blazing, the sun was to rise
    and the creatures of the night,
    were to set.

    into the depths of this
    wretched planet

    Only god knows.
    but i was a black sheep
    i wasn't going to hide
    the time is near
    death is near.

    I heard steps
    to far in the misty haze for my eyes alone to sight
    my mind,
    dizzying from that horrible light
    the rising sun.

    My flesh burning
    intense relief filled my heart
    it was almost over,

    The steps got loader.

    but before i could attempt to run
    the deed was done

    I was pinned to the ground
    by the hands no one could
    not even smell
    it was fate
    my time to go
    the warrior of the unknown

    I was gone for eternity
    heading for the land
    of the dead...