• Dumbfounded..Awe stricken,
    Whenever i see you.. My brain starts tickin'.
    Heart pounding,
    Clasp it tight,
    with all your might.
    Because you'll never know...
    Please,,,Dont..Dont let go.

    Eye to eye,
    Lips to lips,
    Moving your body with my finger tips.
    Enjoy it now while it lasts..
    Forgive ourselves.. Forget our pasts.
    Smiles now look around,
    Smiles now looking down.
    From me to you,
    From you to me.
    Good times come,good times go,
    Hold you close it'll be ok...
    Because we can always fake our smiles today.

    Palms are sweaty,
    I think im ready.
    To start a life anew,
    To start a life with you.
    Let's just see,
    just you and me.
    How far we'll go,
    For eachother..
    Dontcha know...

    For mia bambina ~michelle~ aka. (Lancegirl_evil666)