• Kill her, kill her, and let me sleep
    Off of a high cliff I wish she would leap
    How do I get rid of this in my head
    Every morning I wake up wishing she were dead
    The fruits of her life I wish to reap
    All I want is to be able to peacefully sleep
    Instead of waking up every other hour
    Do it kind of like psycho wait for her to get in the shower
    Watch the blood run to circle the drain
    Quiet at last as she suffers from the pain
    Resting my eyes I close them tight
    What is this I try with all my might
    Thoughts how I should of tortured the little whore
    Only if I had cut up that body a little bit more
    Away to work I go hacking her up into little pieces
    Using my knife to slice in the creases
    Stuff her away in a big black plastic bag
    Toss her in dumpster like a throw-away rag
    That's when I wake up to realize it was all a dream
    She's still laying next to me ready to scream