• I sat in the corner,
    Shaking so violently,
    Hugging my stuffed teddy bear tightly,

    They were yelling,
    Screaming so loudly,
    Hitting each other numerously,

    Mommy threw books,
    Tears pouring down her face,
    Silently wishing she had left,

    Daddy slapped her again and again,
    Bruising her cheeks,
    Teeth bared,

    I cried in my corner,
    Wishing daddy would stop,
    Praying God would save mommy,

    Daddy pulled out his gun,
    Shouting at mommy,
    Not noticing my presence,

    Mommy screamed,
    Crying more and more,
    Then there was a loud bang,
    And mommy was no more.

    Daddy had been in a drunken rage,
    Scaring me and mommy every time,
    Though this time he went too far,

    Daddy realized what he had done,
    Now crying himself,
    Sad at mommy's death,

    Daddy lifted the gun to his head,
    Wishing this would end,
    And pulled the trigger,
    And daddy was no more.

    I was alone,
    The neighbors didn't notice the disturbance,
    The police didn't come,
    I was alone.

    God, save me.