• We were together back then
    But you left
    You may try to come back
    But you've hurt me too many times
    I see you try everyday
    You say those 3 words
    But you never did mean them
    You used me to make her feel jealous
    But I'm done with you
    Never going to take you back
    Never going to hug you again
    Never going to kiss you
    That was a mistake
    I hate you
    You've hurt me so many times
    Telling me I should move on
    I'll give you that same advice
    Just let me go and live my life
    I don't understand why you still hang around
    When I just ignore you all the time
    So just move on
    I don't want you or
    Your lies
    Or to feel your touch ever again
    I don't even want to see you!
    Use some other girl to make her jealous
    I'm done
    *walks away from the crying boy*