• i feel so tired, my energy's drained
    i work my hardest, but nothing is ever gained
    i try to be the best, the top of the clan
    how hard it is for me, you'll never understand
    all i have left, are my family i call friends
    when will this stop? because i can't see an end
    the pain and the misery, they just keep coming
    i don't know what i've changed into, or what i'm becoming
    this pain, this power, is surging like a flood
    through the streams of my veins, in tainted blood
    my goal and my dream, is to kill you
    for the memories and nightmares i have to live through
    you can laugh, you can pity, but i will keep fighting
    with this new obtained power of divine thunder and lightning
    now that i've sent you to hell, your head is my claim
    Uchiha Sasuke, remember thy name