• She had always liked him
    But never truly knew why
    He never talked to her
    His friends had made her cry

    She smiled at him in the hall
    He just turned his head
    He did not care about her
    Is what he always said

    But she kept her chin up
    And she loved him still
    Because she knew what was inside
    A hole that she could fill

    His friends soon caught word
    Of her feelings toward him
    They found it hysterical
    But her love did not dim

    She knew that she was better
    Than what they thought she was
    But still her heart was his
    For reasons she knew not of

    She slowly became more forlorn
    Slipping deep into a hole
    He was still ignoring her
    Breaking her delicate soul

    But her love did not falter
    She always thought of him
    But all the rumors about her
    Put her closer to the brim

    On the final day
    His friends played a trick
    Told her that he loved her
    Just to watch her tick

    Sadly she believed them
    And she was overjoyed
    Little did she know
    That it was all a ploy

    She went up to him
    To make sure that he knew
    That she knew how he felt
    And that she loved him too

    He did not understand
    So all he did was stare
    Telling her repeatedly
    That he really did not care

    She was finally over the edge
    She knew it could not be true
    I thought they said he loved her
    But deep inside she knew

    She could not comprehend
    How to go on living her life
    So she went in to the kitchen
    Pulled out the sharpest knife

    She screamed into the air
    This is not how it should be
    She screamed all the things
    That she wished that he would see

    She spoke of her love
    She cried of her pain
    She whispered of what happened
    How it could never be the same

    And with her last strength
    She scribbled her final note
    She explained everything
    And this is what she wrote:

    Take the shining knife,
    And cut open my wrists
    Watch the blood flow out
    It couldve ended with a kiss

    Take the bloody knife
    Write words into my skin
    Tell me that you hate me
    Make the pain begin

    Take the knife and hold it up
    So that everyone can see
    That this is the pain
    You were always causing me

    She watched the blood pour out
    Collapsing on the floor
    Little did she know
    That he was at the door

    He did not get an answer
    As he screamed her name
    He told her he was sorry
    What he said was really lame

    He did not want to give up
    He wanted her to know
    That he really did like her
    Just did not let it show

    He did not care about his friends
    They were not his anymore
    So please, wont you please
    Just open the damn door

    He walked to the window
    Saw her lying there
    He pounded on the glass
    Crying in despair

    He broke through the glass
    And knelt down on the floor
    Looking at the girl
    He had always adored

    Desperately calling for help
    She was still alive
    He tried to bandage wounds
    Please God let her survive

    He held her so close
    As the ambulance drew near
    I really do love you
    He whispered in her ear.

    Please dont give up
    I'll try to help you through
    We will make it work
    You know I love you too.