• I don't think you know how I feel
    Because i still keep it concealed
    Seems like it was just yesterday
    When you turned me down and walked away

    Now, remembering the past
    I knew from the beginning, we wouldn't last
    Your heart belongs to someone else
    Now I'm here all by myself

    Thinking of the great times we spent together
    I knew for sure we wouldn't last forever
    If I can go back into time and change something
    I'm sure there'd be nothing

    I don't want to change the past
    Because no matter what, we wouldn't have last
    I have to move on
    I wish I had a star to wish upon

    Now, when I need someone to lean on
    She just won
    Who I thought was my perfect guy
    Who's heart, I'm still debating

    I still love you, but you went away
    All I can do, is just to stay
    If only I can explain how I feel
    I wouldn't have yo keep it concealed