• A Summation of Our Fears

    Blood swept crying,
    visceral heart wrench,
    basking in the pool of moonlit, death hallowed radiance

    Screaming forever in a seconds time,
    rushed and blind,
    panic attack ripping away at every known foot hold,

    Pulsing breath,
    clasped in despair,
    Scrambling against a tidal crush of emotional trauma,

    In the illusory sanctuary of the mind,
    breaking the silence of the night,
    solitude takes hold to flood sensory reception

    Making all the wrongs seem right
    deceived by what is held most dear,
    ones own soul is cauterized by dismay

    Spiritual casket in wraith's cloak,
    diving deeper into unreal oblivion,
    crashing against the seafloor of white washed trepidation,

    Hands closing rapidly inward,
    forcing down and drowning all,
    decimation of the ruptured perception,

    Claustrophobia, dementia sound,
    raving lunacy, omnipotent insanity,
    slithering underneath the callous skin,

    Leviathan of mental seas,
    collapsing honorable thoughts,
    Driving, full force into the paranoid skull,

    Left behind, sullen,
    crying in the corner,
    ordered to commit self inflicted homicide,

    Split between the raging torrent,
    and the fiery terror,
    bending to the will of unclear horrors,

    Trapped in the crevasse for years,
    never let out, no escape!
    This is a summation of our fears...