• wen im alone, in my room
    sometimes i stare @ the walls
    & in the back of my mind,
    i hear my conscience call.
    telling me a man, whos as sweet as a dove
    & 4 the fist time in my life, i c I NEED LOVE.

    there i was giggling about the games
    that i have played w/ many hearts & im not saying no names,
    then the thought occur. a tear drops & my eyes burn,
    cause i said 2 myself, look what u done 2 him.
    i can feel it inside, i cant explain how it feels.
    all i know is that ill never diss another raw deal.
    playing make believe, pretending that im true.
    holding in my laugh, as i say that i love u.
    saying no more, kissing u on the ear,
    wispering I LOVE U & ill always b here.
    although i also reminisce, i cant believe that i found
    a desire 4 true love, floating around.
    inside my soul, because my soul is cold,
    1 half of me deserve 2 jus wait till im old, but the other half
    needs affection joy & the warmth that is created by & girl & a boy

    I NEED LOVE......