• Staring at the moonlight.
    As light trickles its way through
    Lighting my face making
    It seem Paler the at first
    My mouth opens gasping for air
    My heart
    Thump thumping
    It beats as if a bird’s wing is broken,
    Trying to flutter into the air
    Strange creatures with white robes
    And odd tools have composed expressions
    For I do not recognize these voices
    Speaking rapidly, concerned
    Though at this point I’m hysterical
    For what’s going on inside of me
    Also, for what I know is going to happen
    Thankfully they keep me safe in my room
    Where the sanity is
    but where the sick people go
    I only heard of
    White sickening ceilings
    Uncomfortable beds
    But why does my heart have a desire
    And why is this desire to stop
    Stop making me here on this earth
    My hearts desire comes almost to reality
    It flutters beating fast as a bird’s
    But it’s beating faster now
    Because it cant fly
    It gives up. So easily
    My eyes roll to the back of my head
    Where as I only see darkness
    I hear foreign voices coming in
    Trying to “bring me back”
    But my body rejects
    For I already found where I belong
    "Keep trying....stand back"
    *opening the heavy medal door
    To find jewels stones and gems*
    "again everybody....stand back"
    *dancing through the golden halls, to where
    I gain open a bigger door, which is platinum
    And there is what I was looking for*
    Hesitation crying frustration
    “We’ll give it another try”
    *I go sit next to the misty blue eyed
    Dark haired creature
    We twist fingers together
    He gives me a slow line moving
    Its way upward across his face
    Which I already know is a smile
    I would see that forever

    And they put me away in a dark freezing lonely box tube
    Where I can have this to my self