• as i fall asleep tonight,
    i can't fall asleep like i did yesterday,
    i learned all of your secrets,
    i know how you've double crossed people in your life,
    i feel as though i was used,
    so that's the reason i did what i did,
    you lied to me about so many things,
    as the weather gets cold and the leaves get raked,
    i remember the good times of my life,
    i think about all the fun i had the day bofore,
    but it is just different,
    i can't have as much fun as i did,
    what ever i do i have to think of you,
    your heartless lies have ruined my life,
    all the fun i had with you has been erased,
    so its like i spent the last year doing nothing,
    you've broken me i am now destroied