• Blackness all around me,
    Floating in the Abyss,
    A voice calls my name,
    And a hand reaches for me.

    I look up and see a light,
    Dim, but unwavering
    In its search for life,
    Floating always beside me.

    My normally bright eyes
    Have clouded over in sorrow.
    I am out of goodbyes,
    But I shall see thee tommorow.

    Thy cold disdain of me
    And disregard for what once we were
    Should break the heart of thee,
    Spilling thy blood upon the Earth.

    She who sat with me through the night,
    She with whom I shared,
    While for my life I had to fight,
    All my laughter, sorrows, and all my cares.

    We must now say goodbye,
    My Sister, My Friend, My Twin
    Left to our memories
    Of what should have been.

    Is it too late to say I'm sorry?
    Sorry that you could not stay.
    Sorry for what we did wrong.
    And that it must now be this way.

    But if you should ever need me,
    I am never hard to find,
    Locked up tight in the corners
    Of my ever turbulent mind.

    Standing by your side,
    If only in the shadows.
    While only my time I bide
    No matter what follows.

    Until you call upon me again.