• Oh God...

    She's about to pass me,
    about to brush me,
    about to touch me,
    I'm about to die.

    She's about to move,
    about to look,
    about to smile,
    I'm about to die.

    She's a Goddess.
    She's perfect.
    She's toxic,
    to me,
    she's high,
    she's light,
    she's lust,
    she's want,
    she's a fever,
    she's an ache,
    she's a healing,
    she's a break,
    all I want,
    are those lips,
    on mine,
    all the time,
    come to me,
    and let me be,
    just a little...

    But only if you're feeling it,
    the way I feel it too,
    all I want is you,
    come to me,
    let me be,
    just a litle crazy.

    Put my hands in your hair,
    put your hands on my waist,
    hold me close,
    pull me near,
    then I'll know,
    that you're sincere,
    it hurts me,
    not to have you,
    can you feel my heart beat?

    It beats for you,
    be mine,
    all the time,
    kiss me,
    make me,
    hold me,
    want me,

    Your laugh is my music,
    your smile my light,
    your touch is my daytime,
    your absence my night,
    you stare through my shelters,
    you break down my walls,
    and I'll beg until you feel this,
    and hear my desperate calls...

    All I can think,
    as you pass me by,
    is for you I'd do anything,
    I'd be willing to die.

    Your lips are my candy,
    come give me a taste,
    I can't ignore the impulse,
    don't let it go to waste.

    Her Touch is....Toxic.