• I sat in the corner
    Screaming out your name.
    Claws wrench at my soul,
    Holding tight
    To the beating in my chest.
    This weight upon me,
    Crushing like a mace,
    Holds me into despair
    As my light fades away.
    I call out the words,
    Intending to draw you home,
    To have your love again.
    But what is this?!
    You turn away
    A the words that I say.
    How can it be,
    That I spoke words of sweet destruction?
    Words I knew not to say?
    How can it be?
    Why me!?
    Why me!?
    I curl up in the corner,
    The jacket cutting me.
    The cold, hard floor,
    Confirming my insanity.
    Once again, I scream your name,
    As you fade into my illusions.
    I look to the door,
    Small window crisscrosses with wire.
    They say this is an asylum.
    A place to keep the insane from the sane.
    Is wanting to be happy insane?
    A wickedn grin,
    A crooked smile.
    This I know.
    The world is an asylum,
    All people belong.
    The sane are the ones,
    Who are trapped there at all.
    Those of us,
    Who embrace nonconformity...