• I've had enough, I'm giving up, I see no reason here today,
    To Hope and pray that it'll be ok,
    Because theres nothing I can say,
    Nothing will make them understand,
    Nothing will make them see,
    I'm trapped inside this dark black hole,
    And it's me and only ME!
    Nothing will help to ease the pain,
    Nothing will i say will make me sane,
    [they cannot win, they need to see,
    that I have changed,
    That this is me]
    I'm simply the beginning of my end,
    I don't need help, I don't need friends,
    I'm dying slowly inside and out,
    And you don't even know what deaths really about,
    So just go away, leave me alone,
    I'm more than happy here on my own,
    I'm fine with death, I don't need you,

    (And then I whispered Yes I Do).