• Welcome to my life

    Six a.m. the alarm erupts with an array of horrendous sounds

    I arise from my coffin eyes drenched in darkness

    The creature that lay behind me letting out groans of annoyance

    I extend my arms only to hear the crackle of my bones slowly shifting into place

    Eventually I emerge from my chamber and head into a scorching shower

    Assemble my mane, insuring perfection within my spikes

    Brush my teeth, expunging the rotten flesh from the night before

    Eventually depart from my quarters and head into the cesspool of apathy

    Government slowly drains my individuality and creativity and instills a sense of hopelessness

    I sit their gazing upon the clock waiting for the torment to end

    Eventually the bell rings to release me from this prison cell

    I scurry outside and search for substance to sustain my black hole

    The next class is Myth and Folk, a class assembled with a society of unoriginally people all following the same ideals.

    The class itself opens my mind and nourishes my soul with a set of ideals always undergoing metamorphosis

    Before I know it Creative Writing begins, I draw my sword to create my own world in which anything is possible

    Once I have finished my bloodbath Lit Mag begins, a class filled with unusual characters all working toward one goal

    After these classes end lunch starts I flee from the cesspool and back to my quarters

    I consume anything in sight then, head back to the cesspool to battle the hordes of women wielding rackets

    War breaks out over the cerulean gravel; green spheres wound any bystanders in the vicinity

    Two hours drudge by, my muscles contract once the battle ends

    I enter my chariot and head home only to discover the creature pleading for release into the wilderness

    I lay by exhausted body on the lounge and begin the tedious mountains of homework

    I complete the all my work just in time to create a meal and return to my coffin
    And tomorrow it begins again