• I sit here and I watch the stars come out
    One by one the small lights show
    The moon is glowing now and watches us all
    All the people that sit on the grass and think
    The ones that kiss their girlfriends or boyfriends under the starry sky
    The ones that just watch the clouds drift buy
    The ones who take walks alone
    I am included in a few of those things,
    Watching the clouds,
    Sitting on the grass
    Walking all alone
    I think when ever I do these things
    Why is it that I'm not in that second group?
    Because I never will be
    I am not one that can be loved like that
    I don’t think I ever will be
    I don't deserve it anyways
    I do all these horrible things
    The ones that cause me to fall, crash, and burn
    The ones that upset my friends
    I don't know why, but I don't think I'll ever be worth loving
    And here I stand
    Thinking about these things
    While those around me are in love
    Those around me have lives
    Those around me are loved themselves
    Once again I say
    "I'm not worth loving"