• The person inside me is always crying.
    I sometimes have these thoughts of the person I wish to be is crying,
    deep withing myself.
    Or is it the self I want to be coming out.

    I never cry on the outside,
    but that doesn't mean I don't cry.

    Getting good grades and being good in school. I ask...
    " What was the spill on me last year to get those grades?"
    " Why did it disappear?"
    " Is that the self I want to be,
    a person who is good in school?"
    My true self is a regular girl, that just wants to get by.

    A spell can be on you're side or to destroy you.
    Maybe... this is the punishment I get for acting like someone else.

    The person inside me is starting to fade away... into nothing.
    What will happen if it fades away completely?
    Will I disappear?
    My heart, would it change?

    If it does disappear I want to go with it.

    I sometimes get thoughts of running away from this town,...
    ...this country,...
    ... this world.

    Just run and forget everything that happened in the past,
    from when I started running .

    When I'm running away I wonder if I'll cry?

    It doesn't matter because...

    I'm going to disappear from this world...

    once I get to the end point of my...

    ...running journey