• Once upon a time, There's a little girl named Snow. She is actually a Snow Princess. So she's made of ICE. Well, She likes to go to the city when it's winter and sit around on the park. Cause if she get's a little bit warm, she MELTS. So, One day, She walks to the street and sit on the park bench. Then There's a guy, asking to Snow.
    Guy: "Who's your name?"
    Snow: "My name is snow. Why you asked?"
    Guy: "Just asking. By the way, Aren't you cold? You're face is all White covered with snow..... Who are you actually?!"
    Snow: "Um.... um... I have to go!" She ran, and ran, and she ran into the forest, Then inside the Deep, deep forest, There's a palace made of ICE! So she told the guards of that castle to protect her identity from human's. They understood what did she says, but when the King heard it, He's disappointed at her. Now she can't be out from the castle for 2-3 weeks. She's locked in a really really tall tower. She's like Rapunzel. She have really long hair, that's blond, But, the differences, She is from Ice. (Like, duh?) So, then one day, Midnight, she wants to get away from that tower. She tied her hair at a little hanger that shaped like a hook, then she swings away with her hair. No one heard her, even the King and Queen. The Guards Fell Asleep too, so she can get away. So she ran into the city with her things in her Bag. She wants to have a live in the city. Then but, She decided to sleep in the park bench that she always sat. She falls Asleep. Then Morning, Now the weather is a little bit warmer. Uh-oh, Snow packed her things, and ran to an apartment. She had lots of money, so she gets a room and she's a little bit hurry. She turns up The AC to minus eight. It's SNOW! Wow, it's really cold, right? When she come's out to get her things again, She saws the guy that a week ago asking at her. Actually, He don't really see her. So, that's a relief. But, she ran and ran and ran, and she is there. She is right In front of her apartment door. So, when she opens it, There's no one. But just Snow and her room that is covered in snow. She drops her things and locked the door. But, "KNOCK, KNOCK!" Something Knocked the door. When she opens it a bit, She thinks, Oh No! It's him!!! It's, it's, the guy who wants to know her identity!
    Wanna know the Continue? Find out later on this Forum too, But the Name of the Story is: Snowflake Princess II. Thanks for reading this story!