• I never see my twin before
    I am year 5 now
    One day my parents say
    I can go to Japan to study
    After I go to Japan,
    I see a cute little boy
    His name is Satamae Aida
    He ask me "what your name?"
    in Japan...
    I wanna say Syazana Aliah but
    I say"My name is Sakamae Aida."
    I dont know why I say my name is
    Sakamae Aida....
    After 5 month i live in Japan
    My family visit me
    Them tell me
    Satamae Aida is my twin...
    But i so sad because
    Satamae go America and
    he did not know who is me... crying
    Maybe 1 day i know who are me 3nodding 3nodding