• A Sri Yantra diagram is sopposed to put you in a hipnotic state which you can have the force to be invisable....
    This has been tried and not true but we are not going to talk about this....
    The nature of realality, there is no such thing as an objective reality(a actual tangible realality is not possible right?)
    Every thing we think about is all percieved by our senses;sounds we hear are just waves of air; colors are electromagnetic radiation;taste comes from molicules that match a specific area on your tounge.
    If our eyes could access the infrared part of the light spectrom, the sky would be green, trees red. Some animals would be completly different and no one knows what colors look like to animals. So nothing is reall how we percieve
    Matter is only a wave of energy,only in different form, electrons buzz in around inside of us are every where and no where at the same time.
    Look at your hand, if u had an atomic microscope, you would see the atoms making up the skin in your hand. In the center of each atom is a nucleas with neatrons and protons and electrons.
    Weird thing is the rest of the atom, the other nintey-nine-point-nine-nine of it is empty. Between each atom is a void. So truley there is nothing holding us- or anything else for that matter -together.
    So you really are just a wave of energy.... burning_eyes