• Alexander and Michelle were watching tv togehter. Which was normal because they never leave each other for a second.They always wear black and play by the rules...their rules. Everybody in the neighboorhood feared them becasue of the powers they hold. They are twins,the only difference is that Michelle is younger and shorter. They have long straight black hair and black eyes. But when using a their powers it changes.

    Thier mother,Vanessa came in the door."You guys are still watching tv?"she asked teasing them. They both shook there heads."Don't you want to go outside and play with the other kids"she asked blocking the tv screen."No...playing outside is for humans and were not humams"Alexander said sternly."You act like your father more and more everyday"Vanessa mumbled as she left them alone. Alexander growled alittle.The family cat named Moon,came into the room. She was a long haired all white cat ,but she had a gray tail. She also had a black daimond shape on her head and black nose. Moon jumped into Michelle's lap and Michelle pet her while watching the televison.The door bell rang and Vanessa went to get it. She opened it and it was her new boyfriend,Reggie. He had short spikey black hair. He was wearing a red shirt with a black vest that had no sleeves,with blue jeans. "Your here early"she squelled happily.

    "Maybe Father came back to get back together"Michelle whispered to her brother."Maybe...Lets see"he said turning off the tv. They both walked up to the door. When they say there mom kissing Reggie they were outraged and shocked."Mother!"they yelled. She turned around to them,"Oh sorry. This is my boyfriend Reggie."she said.Reggie went up to them smiling,"Hey guys.Its nice to finally meet you"he said holding out his hand.Alexander was about to explode in rage,Michelle nudge her brother. He calmed down and shook his hand."Nice to meet you"they said hiding there true feelings. Vanessa took Reggie into the kitchen before Alexander could explode. Once they left Alexander and Michelle went up to their room."What was she thinking!?!"he hissed. Michelle sat on her bed and brushed Moon."You don't think she hates father so much she would replace him"she asked. Alexander broke his brush with his bare hand."Of course not...they wouldn't have had us if she did"he answered.But truthfully he began to wonder the same thing.

    They went down stairs and sat at the kitchen table. Reggie sat next to Alexander,but he began to growl. So Reggie sat next Michelle. She looked away from him and didn't speak.

    To be continued......