• Matt aly wake up time for school 5 more minutes they said no wake up now ok fine.
    aly your gf is at the door she came in he hugged her they ate brekfest then headed to school. So thats what his mom thught but no ally and matt went to the ally bye the school so no one new they where there. matt and aly madeout. and weent to school when the bell first rang they where not in troubel and the day went on and on and on. Briiiiinnnnnngggggggg ok chidren bring home your supplys if you havent yet said his teacher. they wallked home but they saw his mom so they went to the car and said they would wallk she said no beacuz they had to go to the stor so they got in the car when aly got a txt saying that they had sum stuff in the ally they red it they messaged them back when all of a sudden threw the stor ppl stiared and they ran to the car and hid they said how did this hapeen we did nothing later that evningit was dinner. matt and aly said they wher not hungry and they wallked up to bed they got changed and they went to bed. matt aly wake up 5 more minutes plz no you dont wana be late ok fine. he said that was the most creepyes night mare