• I often asked myself, “Was everything all worth the blood I’ve spilled? Did it made everything seem like it was the right thing to do?” I’ve asked myself that, time after time, again and again; a clear answer always came back to me, “It is, for those who understands it; whether they know it or not.” A clear answer, that my actions is for the greater good.

    I don’t always see myself as a violent man, yet I have no problem unleashing every might I can muster to earn a win in my favor, a means of winning a battle, ending a war, or to simply solve a minor problem caused by various individuals. I don’t often resort to violence, except it’s needed. The blood I’ve spilt is far greater, but the people I’ve manipulated to kill, were innumerable, and clearly with those under my influence, they’ve had more blood on their hands than they could ever imagine; more than what they bargained for, too much for what I’ve paid them for, traumatizing for the ability I’ve allowed them to enable. They’ve called me a monster, yet their hands tremble and shake with the cold stains on their hands.

    It’s just good business, there’s no need to bathe my hands in crimson, no need to act out my own plan when others who have the motivation or will to do it for me, to assist me in my mission. They’ve had the chance to back out, yet they willingly took it even though I’ve given them several warnings that they may end up losing their lives; I was telling the truth after all.

    Only the blood of killers stain my hands and neither guilt nor sorrow fills my heart, my shoulders feel light and unburdened, conscience clear and focused, a ping of pity can be felt though, but an individual chose how to live their life. They’ve heard all the truths and lies to determine what course they want to take, what choices to make, what they’d want for themselves. Money is money, freedom to kill as many as they can kill, power to do whatever they want (sometimes), a choice is a choice, they’ve made their own; I have no problem taking their lives after all, or keeping those who’re interesting to keep by my throne. It’s my choice after all.

    Because a man chooses, those who’ve given themselves to that power, should’ve known whether they should back out immediately or accept what they don’t know.

    There are no heroes in this world as long as I’m around, villains didn’t even know if I’m either amongst them or not, but both sides could agree that my solution is way more affective than theirs.

    However, they’re too scared to admit that it’s the best course of action.

    I chose what I have to do for my freedom, others should’ve figured out a different path in life.