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    My own original idea I came up with awhile ago (like a year) and am now rewriting it for your pleasure. All rights reserved, if its not on Gaia it was STOLEN.

    Chapter 1

    By: Revanstand/Halfdragon49

    tab So quite, so very quite.

    tab Gray looked out at the smoldering village.

    tab When she was here there was always singing, such beautiful songs she would sing for me.

    tab Turning away from the ruins he stopped, and stared at the morning creeping through the mountains.

    tab What is the point anymore? She left, no that isn't right, they took her.

    tab Stretching his wings he began to take from the ground, but then stiffened when he realized that he had no home to return to. His rage destroyed his home, and the village, so why did he feel so incomplete? Why did he feel that this was not enough?

    tab Must they pay more?

    tab Yes much more for what they did, they burnt her! Imagen, her last feeling on this plane of existence must have been PAIN. All human kind is like this, all so ROTTEN to the core. So vile, this is what happens when life grows unchecked, now it is time to make them feel our pain, and to put them in their place!

    tab Yes it is time for the cycle to begin anew, for life to recreate itself out of the darkness beneath our wings. And we will make them pay, for every second Jaymee suffered!

    tab Building resolve he shot into the air pumping air under his wings propelling himself to the Grand Trade Port of Ganjer, one of the most strategically placed, and most importantly, well fortified of the 20 Grand Ports. Stone walls as tall as 40 feet and 15 feet wide, lined with archers and catapults for any rational man it would be suicide, but for Gray he was hardly sane, and he was no human.

    tab "Silver Dragon to the West, lighting towns alight as he goes! Man your stations bring the catapults around, get the woman and children to gather water from the wells. Archers release at my command, Pull!....RELEASE!

    tab The twang of bowstrings, and the storm of arrows seemed to be far away in the mind of the dragon. Even as his nose was pierced, and his wings torn, he felt none of the pain, he felt no regret, no worry as he burned buildings, and peoples' lively hoods, before the eyes of the dragon they were nothing more then pictures. Even when he felt the mind of wizards boom at the doors of his mind, they were granted no entrance.

    tab Then he felt it, the brush of a mind, so pure, so unjudging, it was like an open book, and the book said, that he was forgiven, and it wanted to know, "Could humanity be forgiven?" His eyes locked with that of a 12 year old girl, staring up at him from the walls.

    tab Shock, confusion, forgiven, vengeance?

    tab Gray's mind ran wild with the shock from this pure mind, every touch from it like a lightning bolt to his brain.

    tab The mind of a Pure?

    tab We should wait, she is to much for us to understand, we must take our time to take our vengeance.

    tab The voices in Gray's mind stopped when the child's mind rubbed against his out of wonder. Still confused he flew to the mountain of Ormond, landing in a small glade, pain began to once again come to his mind, with his encounter with the child it had shook the foundations of the fortress in his mind that sealed it off from all other things. Pulling the needle like arrows from his wings he rested his head down and entered his regenerative state. Still the child brushed against his mind again, and again, and finally tying itself to his mind with a loose 'knot' so that it could easily find him again.

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