• Just as I am.
    A star wars the clone wars fanfic

    Just a warning, to anyone who is reading this. This is a tragic romantic story about an unknown Jedi padawan and a clone trooper unlike all the rest. Please don’t take me seriously, this is practice, since I have never written such a story before enjoy. <3

    Papa!? Where are you? Please…..save me, some one save me!
    A girl in her teenage years shot up from her bed, a nightmare, her eyes were still closed, though it was evident that her eyes were moving underneath the thin skin of her eyelid. She sighed and put on her blindfold, it was time to get up.

    Chapter 1: a little deal

    Skywalker was talking to another Jedi who looked rather distressed, he shook his head and the young Jedi let out a soft chuckle. The older one stared at Skywalker, and sighed again. They were talking about a Jedi youngling who has been through a lot and was bound on trying to prove herself. Rather the two were comparing their padawan. When the older had an idea.
    “let the two meet, take my student for a week, just a week, and see if she can make friends, I know attachment is wrong, but I can deal with that better than her recklessness, your padawan knows firsthand how that can lead to doom, mine can learn something.” He had said almost too eager to be free of the young one.
    “I don’t know master Soo, Ahsoka is already a handful, I don’t think I can handle two,” he laughed in the middle, though he really didn’t want to be stuck with such a girl.
    The girl walked in on the two a smile on her face, though she couldn’t see them with her eyes, she recognized their force signature, and where they were. She walked up behind them and smiled warmly.
    “Good morning, master Soo and Master Skywalker,” she greeted
    The two men nearly jumped out of their skins, for one they were surprised that she was able to sneak up on them and two she succeeded on doing so. She giggled a smile on her face, her hood down and a gentle teasing wave of the hand. Soo smiled and patted her head.
    “Ah, speak of the devil, this is my padawan, Angel Kada,” he introduced, that was when Anakin noticed that she was indeed blind.
    Feeling this from the young master, Angel spoke with much respect in her voice, as much as she can bring herself to do. “Master, as you might have noticed I’m blind, that is because the race that I am, has no eyes, we are force sensitive as a race, and so was always capable of seeing through the force,” she explained, though her voice was tinged with a bit of irritation, it was as if they had never seen a Miraluka before.
    “Oh, my apologies.” He replied with a sight bow, though he still felt a bit bad for her. “Alright, I’ll do it,” he said directing his attention from the blind youngling to her master. Who looked rather pleased at the answer.
    “What are you talking about?” she asked turning her head from one to the other.
    “For a week, you’ll be traveling with me,” Anakin said with bright smile, knowing she couldn’t really see it but he hoped she could feel how happy he was.
    “oh, I should get packing then,” she said as she turned around and headed to her room, she felt like it was going to be like a vacation from her master, time spent on other things, and maybe, she could finally give her respects to her late father, instead of rushing off to save someone, not likely but a girl can dream.

    A second later, and they would have all died, I did what I can, was it enough?
    A “young” clone was second guessing himself. “Was that why they sent me away?” he asked as he placed the helmet back on, over light brown hair, which was unlike the others….

    He was the new recruit, sort of speak, not really, he was just a replacement, like always, just like his brothers before him, and the ones before them. He sighed as the door opened revealing two of his brothers, talking casually with a young Jedi, probably the young padawan he had heard he was to serve under. He saluted.
    “CT-02-1992, reporting for duty,” he said standing up, he armor was a white, with markings in light red with a bit of orange, the marks of a paw print on the side of his upper arm.
    Ahsoka looked at him up and down, and then placed her hands on her hips.
    “So, you’re the new guy, what’s your name?” she asked.
    “I just told you CT-..” he didn’t finish for the girl had rolled her eyes, and pointed a finger at him as she walked closer to him.
    “I mean what your brothers call you?” she asked.
    He paused for a bit, this Jedi wants to know? He smiled behind his helmet. “They call me runt”
    “Well welcome to the 501st, I’m Ahsoka Tano, and I’m your commander, this is Captain Rex and Coric, welcome.” She smiled as she waved a hand to the two.
    He nodded his head at the two and sighed inwardly. He felt a little on edge, and was very unsure of what he should do, a flaw some say, in his making, along with other things, it was a surprise he was even alive today.
    “You seem really tense, you should take off the helmet and relax, get used to your surroundings.” She said.
    “Thank you commander, but I would like to keep my helmet on,” he said with a light chuckle.
    “I think you should just listen to the young one, she can be very determined.” Rex said.
    That was when he noticed, he was the only one with his on, with a sigh, and a little wince and he reached up and pulled the helmet off, and smiled. “Happy?” he asked. The others stared at him, shocked most likely, you see unlike his brothers, he was a bit different, it seemed that he had stopped the accelerated growth, and was now growing at a normal speed, like the others but they look far older than him, the fact was he was about the same age as the padawan who blinked and stared at him. Not only was he different in that area, it seemed that his hair was also a bit different, but most just thought he bleached it, or whatever. It was a light brown to a dark blonde. He sighed.
    “I’m a bit different from my elder brothers, but trust me, I’m a clone just like they are.” He said reassuringly as he walked to one of the beds and settled down, still looking at them, it was very clear now why he got the nick name runt.