• Day 1
    Mimi Hinachi bowed before leaving the small room were she would receive her first official orders. Today was her first day as a soul reaper. It was also the beginning of a long path that would twist her fate. She walked quietly to her new barracks. As she was walking, she couldn't help but be in awe of the seireitei. To her, it was a different world that the 1st rukongai. She snapped out of her thoughts as she saw her new Captain approaching. He smiled at her. " Hello. You must be Mimi. Am I correct?" She nodded numbly. She couldn't believe someone so great was talking directly to her. She almost though that he was some sort of angel. She closed her gaping mouth quickly. " Good," her said turning " I'm sorry. I believe that I can't show you around. However, my Lieutenant can." The Lieutenant walked forward as the Captain walked away. The went through the introductions quickly and went on to the tour of the barracks. The whole time, Mimi's mind was racing. She went through the whole day as if it were a blur.

    Day 10
    As Mimi was walking to the barracks, her Captain approached her once more. Over the time she was there ( which was short, as you can tell) she found that she had fallen in love with the enigmatic man. So she was more than willing to do the favor for him. That night, she prepared herself. That night, she would commit a terrible offense. She would be caught and that would help her Captain reach his verry important goal. And so, she carried out her plans. She attempted to murder one of the 13 Captains, she was caught. She tried to kill the guards and managed to kill the head of the troops. She was taken to the Central 46 who decided that her punishment was an execution.

    Day 23
    After 13 days in prison, Mimi Hinachi was taken to the execution ground. As she was chained down, only one thought was in her head. My captain is proud. He's smiling at me. Look, I won. The blade came down, and soon she was dead. But her face still had smile on it. Now, she was eternally smiling, just like her beloved Captain.