• Chris ran steadily the frosty new york air burning holes into his lungs but he refused to stop. He knew this could be another dead end but it would be a dead end if he didn't try it. The sun began to set though it was hardly noticible behind the darkening rain clouds. chris clenched the tip in his hand as he shoved past people to get to the adress described. His trenchcoat flapping behind him at the angry citizens he plowed through. He refused to stop even as the rain began to beat onto the streets and people hurried to find shelter. Another 30 minutes run and he stopped in front of the alley. His breath came in short gasps. He bent over propping his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. Rain dripped down his dark black skin and onto the cracked concrete beneath his feet. He looked around making sure he wasn't follwed and steadily made his way into the alley. He drew his gun ready to fire if needed, keeping his back to a wall. He thought he heard whimpering but it could have been a rat or the trick of the wind that was steadily growing stronger and chilling his damp clothes and skin. He passed a homeless man without a comment other than putting a finger to his lips to signal he needle silence. He came to the corner t the next alle and didn't stop to gain his barrings. He stepped into the next alley his gun raized and dark brown eyes scanning for danger. None was found but what he did find shocked him to the point he forgot to breath.

    huddled in an extremly too small cage rested a yong womanabout his own age. She rested on her back in a dress that could hardly be claimed as clothing. Her skin dark like is though maybe a shade lighter was coverd in cuts and bruises easily the size of his hand. Slowly he walked forward his hands trembelings. Se too seemed to shake uncontrolably, black straight long hair framing her shoulders and face. But that's not what made him want to lay down and die for her, what brought tears to his face. It was her eyes. Her large red eyes were swolen from crying abuse. But to look into her eyes was like looking into hell. So much torment and pain rested in them that it was mpossible to look away. They swallowed his very exsistence and attention. When she spoke he couldn't seem to do anything but colapse to neal next to her.

    "He....help.....me" she sobbed her voicec cracking in pain and icy fear. "Pl....please" with shaking handa chris put his gun away the slide of his coat revealing his solemn badge. WIith shaky hands he opened her cage crying for the young woman who seemed like tears was beyond her efforts anymore.