• Woke up in a blur.
    Glancing and struggling to see what's around.
    Drowsiness took over,
    but never was I giving up.
    I yawned until I'm out of breath.
    Got up weak and wondered,
    why am I standing in air?
    I was fully awake and shrieked.
    I was afraid and petrified,
    of my life ending by falling out of the sky.
    Oh, I stopped and suddenly noticed that I'm ... floating?
    Is this possible?
    Couldn't be.
    Am I flying?
    Couldn't believe positively.
    As I heard a low deep scream,
    I looked behind,
    A dark, purple shadow taking over.
    I tried running,
    But somehow ...
    I stayed in the same spot.
    Someone hollered,
    Princess oh PRINCESS! How could you do this to me !?

    Chapter 1 - End